Drupal 8
Bootstrap 3

Immocenter Costa Brava

Immocenter is a leading real estate agency on the Costa Brava. Their websites, their three websites, Immocenter Costa Brava, Immocenter Empuriabrava and Immonautic are based on a multisite, multilingual Drupal 8  installation. Up to 20 content editors use the site daily to manage details of properties for sale and customer interactions. The back end CMS provides an easy to use personalised workbench for each content administrator that allows them to manage their own properties and customers without needing to learn Drupal. The multisite feature is built on the Domain Access suite of modules, allowing the 3 websites to share users and certain content, but differentiate themselves with their own theme and company branding.

Drupal Modules

As well as the customary core modules (Views, CKEditor, Breakpoint, Responsive Image) the following is a list of the key modules and APIs I used to build out the site.

  • Domain Access - Tools for running a group of affiliated sites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database.
  • Paragraphs - I created paragraph types for subsets of content data, for example the Energy Certificate details of a property for sale.
  • Migrate API - As well as migrating content from the earlier Drupal 7 incarnation of the website, a recurring migration imports content every day from a third-party collaborator.
  • Entity Print - Printer-friendly PDFs can be downloaded on property pages.
  • Serialization/Views data export - XML feeds in the format required by a number of real estate portals.
  • Flag - Content editors flag properties to be exported to real estate portals.
  • Translation Management Tool - Automated translations help content editors to create an initial draft of each property in various languages.
  • Mailchimp - Customers can be subscribed to Mailchimp mailing lists, and newsletters campaigns are automatically sent when Newsletter content is created.
  • Bootstrap - The website theme is a Bootstrap 3 subtheme.