Drupal 8

Placing the Contact form in a block in Drupal 8

2016-05-09 ~ posted by miriam

Drupal 8 comes with two built-in contact forms: the site-wide "Website feedback" contact form, and the personal contact form through which users can send each other messages. The site-wide form is available by default as a page at example.com/contact, but what if you want to show the form in a block in a sidebar, or in the footer of every page like I have done in this site?

Welcome to Drupal 8 tips and tricks

2016-04-06 ~ posted by miriam

After dipping an occasional toe into Drupal 8 waters over the last couple of years as it moved through alpha, beta and RC versions, the launch of the first supported release of Drupal 8 in November 2015 prompted me to take the plunge and build my first D8 site.  The obvious place to start was my own website, and today sees its launch. This post is the first in an occasional series in which I plan to document any useful tips and tricks I discover as I dive deeper into Drupal 8.